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  • Reading in Parallel: Why it's so helpful to read multiple titles at the same time

  • Fixed Windows: Finding time to read

  • Keeping Track: Why it makes sense to keep a count

  • Do audiobooks count? Do rereads count? Do comics count? Does the instruction manual that came with my Bluetooth speaker count? Spoiler alert: Yes

  • Sunday Reads: Children's books, comic books, and other reading ‘cheats’

  • eBooks vs pBooks: Why gifting me books is such a bad idea these days

  • Scouting for New Reads: Listening to the universe, spreading your bets, and annual reading checklists

  • The Joy of Abandoning a Book

  • Audiobooks: Picking your narrators well, and taking all recommendations with a very generous pinch of salt

  • Reading Parties: Reading as a collaborative activity